Towards Employability Study Programme

Hedleys College Towards Employability skills training is delivered  in a real and practical work environment which supports students to identify their vocational preferences. Throughout the length of the programme, students gain the confidence and skills necessary to be able to choose and then to maintain a long term external volunteering placement. The independence training is provided alongside the vocational curriculum and focused on improving and stretching students’ ability to complete a range of familiar tasks independently or direct less familiar staff to their needs. This will include access to the community and public transport and where possible working towards reducing levels of support required and supporting students to gain the confidence to engage with less familiar staff, peers and members of the general public.

Alasdair’s Story

During the week I live in college residence, this is the first time that I have stayed away from home and it is a huge change for me. At the weekend and during the holidays I live with my mum and dad and my sister.

I would like to be able to use my talker better and to improve my signing. I would like to meet new friends and to socialise more with people my own age. I would like to continue to improve my walking ability. It is very important for me to have full information on my choices before I make a decision.

I like going to the cafe, watching sports, trains, music, spending time with friends and family. Going to the airport and to shows, and to the pub. I also like swimming and ICT and taking photos.

Alasdair’s parents feel it is important for Alasdair to experience adult life and to increase his independence as much as possible before he is asked A to make any choices regarding his future. They feel it is of the greatest importance that Alasdair makes his own fully informed choices and realise that he has to increase his experiences in order to do this.

In July 2019, Alasdair completed Hedleys Independence and Enterprise study programme. and as a part of his review of Education Health and Care plan he has secured funding for further learning at Hedleys College.  Alasdair is continuing to make educational progress in the areas of communication, personal independence and employability skills.

Alasdair is developing his vocational interests and although he confirms that he is not interested in ‘getting a job’, he is now expressing preferences around taking part  in a range of community based social enterprises and supported volunteering projects.

As reported by his Tutor –

‘Alasdair participated in the running of a local community café every Wednesday morning.  He demonstrated confidence in delivering this service to fellow students, staff and members of the public. Alasdair fully understands his role within his team and directs his support staff to assist in setting-up his work area’