Joanne Rees-Proud – Head of College jrp

I have worked in specialist education since graduating in 2003 beginning my career as a support assistant.

I have worked here at Hedleys College since we opened in 2006 and became lead in college in 2014. I am passionate about my role and ensuring the quality of our provision supports the experience and opportunities that our students have.




Anne-Marie Forrest – Assistant Head amf

I started working at Northern Counties School as a nursery nurse. I then became a Curriculum Support Tutor and helped develop “school for families” I moved to the College eight years ago. Whilst working full time at College I achieved my BA Hons Degree in Family Learning and completed my PGCE in Post Compulsory Education. I have worked as a Personal Tutor and Senior Tutor within the Communication and Choices Pathway. In 2015 I became the Standards and Assessment at College and work closely with the Head of College and Standards Manager for Quality.



Wendy Hawley – Assistant Head

I have worked with learners with learning difficulties since 2001 in Further Education Colleges and also a school. I joined Hedleys College in 2008 and worked here until 2012. I had a short break working with young adults with challenging behaviours in a mainstream environment and returned to Hedleys in 2014. I am committed to giving our learners the best experience and the opportunities that they deserve.



Stuart Cannon – Senior Tutor sc

I have been working in special needs education since 2004 when I took an agency job to cover a 6 month vacancy, supporting in a 6th form in a SEN school in Newcastle. Since then I have worked and trained my way up the career ladder in SEN FE, from learning support, senior learning support, tutor and now a senior tutor for the Independence and Skills pathway, joining the Foundation in September 2014.







Karley Moralee – Senior Tutor km

I have worked in specialist education since 2006, beginning my career as a volunteer at Hedleys School.

I have worked at Hedleys College since 2007, where I have been a Support Assistant and a Personal Tutor, and have j been appointed as Senior Tutor. I am eager in my new role to work closely with staff and students, to develop the curriculum and provide new opportunities for our students.



leLindsay Elliott – Lead Nurse

I joined the Percy Hedley Foundation in 2015 as the Hedleys College Nurse.  I was promoted to Lead Nurse in 2017.  I am responsible for overseeing the clinical nursing practice in educational services, supporting the School Nursing Teams and Managers throughout the foundation.  My main role is to make sure that all practice is up to date and in accordance to Government guidelines.

My background since registering as a nurse includes working in Paediatric Respiratory and Endocrine at the RVI Newcastle,  I then worked at a Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse and Neonatal Nurse at both Newcastle General Hospital and RVI.  Following this I was part of the award winning Children’s Acute Nursing Initiative and a Sister for the Children’s Community Nursing Team.  I have recently joined Northumbria University as part of their Student Nurse Interview Team.  I hold a teaching certificate and I support Student Nurses on placement in the foundation.



Gillian Seville – Learning and Care Coordinatorgs

For the past 6 years I have been employed as Learning and Care Coordinator with Hedleys College, My role is to Line Manage all support staff to ensure that staff has the experience, skills, training and knowledge, to support students who benefit from individual care packages within the college.

I work alongside the senior Management team daily to ensure that there is the correct number of staff in each group to support students in their learning.

I have over 32 yrs experience of working with vulnerable adults I have been a registered Manger in various social care environments, which include Residential Care, Day Care and Domiciliary care provision. 


KOGKasha Gorowska – Recruitment & Assessment Coordinator

I  graduated in Poland with MA Degree in Special Education Needs Education and completed my postgraduate training in Further Education at Northumbria University. I joined the team at Hedleys College in May 2008. Since then I worked at the College as a Learning Support Assistant, Personal Tutor and Transition Manager. After the years of gathering experience, I settled in my current role of the Student Assessment and Recruitment Coordinator supporting young people and their families with admissions to our College.



Mark L. Webb –  Student/Parent Welfare and Liaison Officer

My initial interest in working in this sector was fuelled by living with a family member who had severe learning difficulties. I began working in the care/education sector in 1989, as a Housefather at Northern Counties School . I moved to Northern Counties College in 2006 and over the years I have gained much experience and various qualifications in Social Care, Teaching, Counselling, BSL and Management. I was Registered Manager of Wansbeck House (College Residence) for ten years. I moved into my new role in June 2017 and I am looking forward to working with college staff and assisting students and families and help them achieve the best possible outcomes. Outside of work I enjoy all sports, comedy, reading non-fiction books and music.