Recovery Funding

DfE has made available a recovery funding resource to help those who have missed opportunities during Covid. This available fund recognises that students have been restricted from accessing the community and with it all the benefits that this brings of positive wellbeing in socialising with others, taking part in leisure activities and using real life opportunities to use their English and maths skills. Students were also unable to access external work placements in local businesses with many closed during the pandemic. We aim to offer an expanded and increased range of work placements during this year.

We plan to access this resource and use it for:

  • Wellbeing initiatives – external partners who can support us to deliver additional activities linked to sports and the arts for example theatre visits, sensory performances, therapy animals
  • Additional travel passes to cover costs related to additional community access activities

Use funding to provide specific job coach training to a greater number of staff to support an increased number of work placements.