Food and mealtimes

Food and mealtimes

The College Catering team produces freshly cooked, nutritious lunches every day and always takes into account individual dietary preferences and allergies. A choice of lunchtime food such as sandwiches and hot specials are available every week day in the College Canteen

All lunches cost £2 – which includes a dessert.

Once students have learnt how to make simple snacks and meals for themselves in their Domestic Independence sessions, they are required to practice these for real. Students are encouraged to purchase food locally and prepare their lunch in the Independent Life Skills classroom as part of their learning.

Residential students will have the chance to make their own meal at least once a week, and parents of day students are asked to encourage them to do the same. This is to ensure the effective transfer of skills from the teaching environment to their real living environment.

Parents are asked to continue this transfer of skills in holiday times by encouraging students to make simple recipes at home.