Independence and Enterprise Study Programme

Clodagh’s Story

Clodagh joined Hedleys College in September 2018 and since then she has been developing her independence, communication and social enterprise skills. As reported on her annual report, Clodagh is now able to express herself to greater effect. She participates in weekly social communication sessions. During these sessions the group communicate with each other using a range of methods, such as BSL, symbols, gestures and VOCA’s. Clodagh now actively participates in weekly group conversation and joins in exchanges with the support of symbols, pictures and signing. Clodagh also participates in group games and she now demonstrates her understanding of the rules of group activities, such as turn taking. However, the most obvious evidence of her personal development has been in her level of confidence within the group.

As reported by the College Speech and Language Therapist

‘Clodagh has developed her skills at engaging for longer periods of time and enjoys watching her peers and staff roleplay. She has shown an ability to accurately reflect on performances in these role plays by answering questions using symbols (…) She has become more confident to initiate interactions with a wider range of staff’

As reported by her College Tutor –

‘Clodagh is embedding her English and Maths sessions into topics relating to fashion, music and environmental awareness issues. Clodagh has been enjoying some interactive group work where she listened to other students in discussions and gave her own opinions using symbols and basic signing’.

As reported by the College Physiotherapist –

‘Clodagh accesses a tailored programme of exercises that are completed in different postural sets including sitting and lying to work on her core muscle control. As she is also motivated when she is on the trampoline, she completes her specific lower limb strengthening exercises which will continue to ensure her mobility does not deteriorate’.

Clodagh’s dad added that since starting Hedleys College –

‘Clodagh soon settled in and found the adapted timetable to her liking. As a result her once stagnant communication took on a new lease of life. It’s not been one solution but the mixture of approaches that unlocked her communication potential.

College life is great for Clodagh in aiding her independence as we are reaping the benefits of it at home.

Despite a serious illness in early 2019 the college tutor, medical staff and overall management were brilliant in keeping Clodagh in college and jointly aiding a full recovery whilst still being in college making progress.

The college environment is both supportive of Clodagh and the family and this has been the key to Clodagh’s successful first year with more to come’.