Welcome To Hedleys College

Covid-19 Update – 25/3/2020

Thank you all  for your ongoing support as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We’ve sent you lots of requests for information over the last couple of weeks, and thank you for taking the time to respond as the information gathered has really helped us to plan our provision and keep all our staff and children, as safe as we possibly can.

We have made the decision to limited the service we are offering within our schools and college. We will continue to offer onsite support only to those children who live in households where both primary care givers (or the primary caregiver in a single parent household) are key workers, and those who are the most vulnerable.

From information gathered, we have identified who those children/young people are.
We will be contacting you to confirm we are able to offer you a place week commencing 30th March 2020.
If you do not hear from us please do not send your child into school/college on Monday.
To all other children we will be offering packs/advice to work on from home; phone calls/ emails and in some cases Keeping in touch visits.

We will not be offering any on site school/college provision during the Easter holidays but will continue with phone calls/emails offering support from a distance. We will be in touch after the planned Easter holidays with updates for the following week.

Again, thank you for all your support and cooperation at this time.

Joanne Rees-Proud

Covid-19 Update – 22/3/2020

As a Foundation we are committed to keeping your children and adults, and our staff as safe as possible during this difficult time, and as such are following guidance around maintaining our provisions as long as we are possibly able. Our services have plans in place for the coming week and these will be fulfilled, however I urge you to follow the guidance as given by the government to only send your child, adult to their service on Monday if you have toIf you are able to keep your child, adult at home you should. Many of our parents are key workers and we need to support them in fighting this pandemic at the front line. We are not at our full staff complement and we must direct our support to those who need it most.

For anyone who have been offered a place this week please can you confirm via the closure line for your specific service whether you still intend to send your them in next week with their name and a yes they will be in school/college/Able2 OR no they will not be in, even if you have already confirmed attendance or non-attendance.

closure.phs@percyhedley.org.uk           Percy Hedley School

closure.able2@percyhedley.org.uk        Able 2

closure.ncs@percyhedley.org.uk          Northern Counties

closure.phc@percyhedley.org.uk  Hedleys College


For all children/young people/adults we will be continuing to support remotely and keeping in touch visits/phone calls as planned.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Carole Harder#

Hedleys College is a high quality specialist further education and training provider for young people aged 16-25 with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities who require specialist individual programmes to develop their communication, independence and employability skills to make a successful transition into adulthood within the North East region.

The College site is based at Forest Hall in Newcastle and offers a range of programmes and flexible packages of further education and training across Tyne and Wear. The College is part of the wider Percy Hedley Foundation which offers a range of support for students who attend our provision. This includes access to high quality integrated therapy, social enterprises, the Hedley Employability Project and the Hedleys Sport and leisure facilities.

Students are supported by the Hedley interdisciplinary team of specialists and Therapists, Specialist Learning Support Assistants and Tutors. The college works in partnership with a wide range of services, supported employment programmes, general further education establishments and volunteering projects to support students into a successful transition.

“Achieve, Believe and Succeed”

This principle is underpinned by the Percy Hedley Foundation ethos of Achievement for All.