Ethos and values

“Achieve, Believe and Succeed”

This principle is underpinned by the Percy Hedley Foundation ethos of Achievement for All.


We believe in offering a holistic person centred curriculum to support our students to achieve their full potential.

Hedleys College curriculum promotes equality of opportunity, maximisation of students’ individual abilities and promotes the love of learning while installing the value that they should all ‘Achieve, Believe and succeed’.

Hedleys College gives opportunities for learning and development of students’ awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills that promote independence and prepare the student for transition to adult life. The Hedleys College curriculum is designed to:

  • Increase access to learning by all students
  • Promote the development of effective strategies for teaching and learning
  • Ensure that we meet the needs of all students by effectively providing a differentiated and personalised approach to teaching & learning
  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Provide appropriate opportunities for achievement, internally and externally
  • Increase learning by offering effective support
  • Ensure resources support effective teaching and learning
  • Enable students to take responsibility for their own learning within the curriculum framework
  • Enable and empower students to participate
  • Enable and empower students to express their views, choices and opinions
  • Increase students’ confidence, maturity and independence to make an effective transition
  • Clearly demonstrate distance travelled

We can only do this by students and staff working together.

We ask students during their stay at College to agree to the:

  • College Code of Conduct
  • Learning Programme
  •  Individual Learning Plan

Hedleys College personalises the students experience “working in partnership with the student and their advocates to tailor the learning experience and pathways, according to their needs and personal objectives, in a way which delivers success”[1]

[1] DfES, Personalising FE: Developing a vision (PERS01) Feb 2007