Bespoke ASC Study Programmes @ Hedleys Hub


Our bespoke curriculum and individual study programmes are designed for students with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Each student has an Education Health Care Plan and may require a high level of learning support. There is access to quiet spaces, small group size, paired work opportunities and dedicated learning spaces. There’s also an outdoor garden area to support sensory needs and promote wellbeing. We support students to develop and use sensory integration strategies to manage anxieties and increase engagement and focus. We also provide a holistic integrated approach to learning, ensuring therapeutic strategies (speech and language therapy and occupational therapy) are implemented throughout the day. This is in order to provide maximum opportunities for our students to develop their skills.

Our address: Hedleys College Hedleys Hub, West Lane, Killingworth, NE12 7BH


To arrange a visit please

call 0191 212 7853 or