Student Council – Members

Hello my name is April and I have been on student council since September 2017. I have helped do roadshows to schools to tell them about college, it is something I feel enthusiastic about doing.



Hello, my name is Araezo .student council is exciting. I love helping to organise events for students.





Hello my name is Johnny I am a 5th year student at Hedleys College I have been part of the student council for four years now. I wanted to be part of the student council because I wanted to help make a difference to college.






Hi, its Gemma here, I love the student council I like to be with my friends. It is hard work but I enjoy it since becoming a member less than a year ago I am much better at communicating with unfamiliar people.





My name is Kate I am a hard worker every day I have been a member of the student council for three years it has made me better at talking in group situations on my own. What I enjoy best is helping to change things.





Hello my name is David, I have been on student council for a year now. I enjoy helping others.