Communication and Choices

The Communication and Choices Programme

is a college course for young people aged 16 – 25 years with complex learning needs and multiple disabilities -physical, medical and / or sensory needs.Students will be assessed as working at Qualification and Curriculum Framework Level 4 – 6.

Communication and Choices Study Programme Leaflet


Hedleys is judged by Ofsted to be good with outstanding features. From a parental point of view it is a wonderful welcoming happy community that really does deliver on its values of Achieve, Believe, Succeed for all their students. My son absolutely loves it!

Jude, mum of Ben

Students will be assessed as needing a very practical curriculum allowing opportunities to learn through all their senses. There is a focus on communication and interaction, projects and themes and students benefit from high levels of support.

Students’ likely transition will be supported living and packages of day service care with greater independence and more effective communication.

The Communication and Choices programme is currently located at the Jesmond campus. From September 2017 it will be delivered at our Station Road campus.

Working in small groups with 1:1 support you will receive specialist input from the Hedleys interdisciplinary team of speech and language therapy, physio & hydro therapy, occupational therapy, hearing impairment, visual impairment, nurse and rehabilitation support. You may need support to manage your medical or behavioural / emotional needs.

Hedleys College has an active student involvement strategy and believes that working in partnership with parents and carers is the most beneficial approach.

Activities and Learning sessions will be:

    • Communication, interdisciplinary support and the use of enabling technologies
    • Intensive Interaction
    • Sensory Integration
    • Independence, mobility and orientation sessions
    • Creative projects and themes to incorporate art, music and movement
    • Community access sessions
    • Active sessions to incorporate fitness and leisure
    • Self sessions to learn about yourself and others
    • Transition sessions, real and practical preparation for moving on