Governors link the college with the wider community, and have a key role in ensuring that college and its students meet their full potential.

Name                                      Designation                           Contact Details

Anne Woods                          (Chairperson)              



Maxine Tennent                    (Vice Chairperson)              


Dr Charmaine Aguis Ferrente                       


Stuart Cannon                      Staff Representative      


Sam Hughes                        Staff Representative




No Interests Declared

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our website

I am very proud and privileged to be the Director of Education within the Percy Hedley Foundation. We are a unique provision for special educational needs pupils, integrating high levels of direct therapy and education to optimize potential.

Our education services include two schools, a college and two residential provisions. We strive for excellence in performance and have high aspirations and expectations for every child and young person accessing our community.

We welcome all parents to take an active part in their child’s education and encourage them to form a partnership with us to ensure their children achieve best outcomes, wherever possible.

At all times we encourage our staff to inspire children and young people to try their best and for many of our children this may mean small steps of progress. We celebrate and delight in pupils’ achievements whilst ensuring our children and young people are safe as their well-being is paramount to us.

These are exciting times for staff and pupils, as ambitious plans are being developed to improve our service provision. This will enable us to continue to push boundaries in therapy, care and education within an innovative, dynamic education community.

We are proud of our education services reputation, which is increasingly being recognized nationally and internationally.

I hope you enjoy exploring our site and staff very much look forward to welcoming you to our unique services if you wish to visit.


Warmest Regards,

Lynn Watson

Director of Education

Student Council


Hello my name is Johnny I am a 4th year student at Hedleys College I have been part of the student council for three years now. I wanted to be part of the student council because I wanted to help make a difference to college.


My name is Shahab I like being in the student council. I like talking to different people especially when the schools come into college to have a look around because I think it make the pupils confident moving to college.


Hi my name is Emma, I am a second year student at Hedleys college and have been part of the student council for one year. I love being part of the student council because I like to help others.


My name is Toni I like being in the student council because I like communicating with friends and sharing my ideas.


My name is Shakila I like the student council it is great to be here and be part of the team. My favourite part of the student council is making film for the governors.


Hi, its Gemma here, I love the student council I like to be with my friends. It is hard work but I enjoy it since becoming a member less than a year ago I am much better at communicating with unfamiliar people.


My name is Kate I am a hard worker every day I have been a member of the student council for three years it has made me better at talking in group situations on my own. What I enjoy best is helping to change things.


Hello my name is David, I am a new member of the student council I have only been with them for a short amount of time and it is great, I enjoy helping others.

Welcome to your new school website!

Congratulations and welcome to your new realsmartcloud-enabled website

The cloud website gives seamless integration to Google Apps, the realsmartlearning portfolio and loads of other great apps from the web – we have added a selection of these to widget menu on the right, you will see these when you log in.

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